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Frascogna Entertainment Law is the best of both worlds: an entertainment law firm that combines a genuine passion for the arts with more than 30 years of authoritative legal experience. And we're not just being glib when we say we wrote the book on entertainment law. Our firm wrote the American Bar Association's publication, "Entertainment Law for the General Practitioner," which defines the standards for our field.

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Frascogna Entertainment Law has represented music industry clients from Los Angeles to Nashville to New York, and our international presence stretches across 19 countries and six continents. Our diverse client roster includes multi-platinum recording artists, GRAMMY®-award winning studios, award-winning songwriters, record labels, authors, book publishers, filmmakers, visual artists and athletes.

An Entertainment Law Firm With Heart

Our firm is invested in creating lasting relationships with talented artists, and we take great pride in our work and the work of our clients. We are there every step of the way for the clients we represent, from consultations and contract reviews to copyright protection and career development, and our hands-on approach gives them the personalized attention they deserve.