We’re a different kind of law firm. A firm that has assisted bands in selling over 250,000,000 albums and winning over 36 GRAMMY’s.  We’re a firm that understands every department within the industry – big and small, because we’ve done it ourselves.  We’re not static, we’re proactive and move the ball forward – creatively and legally.  Our attorneys have professional experience managing recording studios, working radio, hustling in label A&R, as booking agents, entrepreneurs starting labels, event promoters and artist management.  With a diverse client roster paralleling our experience, we represent musicians, labels, producers, managers, and publishers in complex litigation matters down the daily grind of being on tour.

We are pleased to assist your music career in the following areas:

Label Negotiations
Trademark Registration
Business Planning
Corporate Filings

Management Shopping
Agency Shopping
Distribution Shopping
Label Pitching
Expansion Planning

Non-Traditional Strategic Planning
Contract Drafting
Contract Review
General Counsel

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