As an entrepreneur, you have two qualities that we hold in high esteem: creativity and bravery. Without both it is impossible to embark on the adventure of establishing a new business. While exhilarating, such an endeavor is also inherently risky, and it is important to have a battle-tested tour guide at your side to help you avoid various pitfalls.

Of course, that is where we come in. Our lawyers have personally been involved in dozens of entrepreneurial ventures ranging from the local to the international stage, from restaurants and record labels, to movie production and NFL pre-season games. When we offer our clients advice, it is typically backed by a tale of firsthand experience.

Don’t think of us as your lawyers. Think of us as Tibetan Sherpas hiking with you to the top of Mount Everest!

We are pleased to assist your new venture in the following areas:

Business Plans and Presentations
Corporate Formation
Selection of Corporate Form
Financing Strategies
Management Structure
Internal Processes
Franchising and Licensing
Contract Review and Negotiation

Articles for Entrepreneurs: